About Me

CarlHi, I’m Carl Jeppson. I moved to Berlin in 2012 and earned my Master’s Degree in Economics from Freie Universität. I am the author for two websites, international-banks.com and relocating-to-germany.de. I have created international-banks.com to share insights and advice on global finance, helping individuals and businesses navigate international banking and investments.

My other site, relocating-to-germany.de, is a resource for expats looking to move to Germany. It covers everything from visas to cultural integration, based on my personal experiences. I offer a mix of academic knowledge and real-world insights to assist those seeking financial guidance and a smooth transition to life in Germany.

When I’m not diving into the world of finance and helping expats transition to Germany, you’ll often find me pursuing some of my favorite pastimes.

One of my great passions is exploring Berlin’s vibrant art and music scene. On weekends, I frequently hop between the city’s galleries, soaking in the latest exhibitions, and catching live performances at local music venues. The eclectic mix of culture and creativity in Berlin has truly captured my heart.

I believe in striking a balance between work and play, and I’ve found that Berlin’s dynamic atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for both personal and professional growth. So, if you’re seeking financial advice or considering a move to Germany, I’m here to assist you. And who knows, we might just share some common interests along the way!

Feel free to contact me at: info@international-banks.com