The best banks in Denmark

The vibrant economy and the higher living standard of Denmark make it popular among expats. Have you also recently moved to this Scandinavian country? After moving to a new country, adapting to its culture demands time. To make it hassle-free, having a bank account is vital.

Whether you are here for higher studies or the job, opening an account in one of the Danish banks is the first thing you need to do upon reaching here. But which bank to choose in Denmark? Finding the best bank in Denmark might seem complicated to you because the banking sector of Denmark is huge. It is approximately three times larger than the national economy. There are near about 108 banks in Denmark. Out of these approx. 79 are domestic, and only around 29 are foreign banks.

We have selected the best Danish banks that offer English service and clear contracts to expats and non-Danish speakers. We have listed below the criteria by which we have listed a top 4 of the best banks in Denmark.

Banking in Denmark
      English speaking customer service
      Free creditcard
      Savings account
      Flexible contracts
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Fair credit rate
      Low withdrawal fees


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best bank for expats
n26 dutch bank


A bank made for expats in Denmark – no international withdrawal fees – great conditions and a good app.

      English website
      Free bank account without any hidden fees.
      Great bank security
      No withdrawal fees
      English speaking customer service
      ✘  No brick and mortar bank


Spar Nord is a bank that seeks to combine personal advice supported by new digital solutions (apps) and great if you need more than only a current account (investing / trading advice etc) .

      Mobile banking available
      English speaking customer service
      Low Fees
      Brick and mortar bank
      ✘  No free credit card
      ✘  No english website
abn dutch bank


One of the older traditional banks in Denmark owned by customers association – offers banking and activities ranging from mortgage, retail and investment banking to insurance.

      Great mobile banking options
      Competitive rates on the various banking products
      Brick and mortar bank
      English speaking customer service
      ✘  High international ATM withdrawal fees
      ✘  No English website
dankse danish bank


Danske Bank is the largest bank in Denmark, trusted by a lot of Danish inhabitants, offers great rates and online banking services – however, recently involved in a recent money-laundering scandal.

      Largest bank in Denmark
      Competitive rates on the various banking products
      English speaking customer service
      English website
      ✘  Money laundering scandals


The best banks in Denmark for expats:


The mobile bank will help you manage your bank anytime everywhere. You can open the account in minutes and that too from your smartphone.


  • You will get a free bank account without any hidden fees.
  • Security is the top priority of N26. All your transactions are fully secured with 3D secure technology.
  • You can keep track of all your transactions as you get a push notification for withdrawal or deposit.
  • The customer support is available for you in several languages – English, Italian, German, Spanish, and French. You can reach them via chat or email.
  • The Spaces app helps you organize your finances easily. 


  • N26 is one of the top banks in Denmark. The only disadvantage is, as the account is online, it is more focused on the tech-savvy or younger generations. 

Spar Nord

Get a personal bank in this digital world by opening an account at Spar Nord bank in Denmark.  If you are doing bank comparison Denmark, then Spar Nord is counted in the country’s top five financial organizations.


  • The bank gives you the facility to provide written power of attorney if you want to authorize someone else to do some or all the dealings on your behalf.
  • If there are two or more holders of the account, all can individually withdraw or transfer funds.
  • For added security, the bank records all your meetings, telephonic conversations and other communications with the bank. This ensures the bank staff properly treats you, and the documenting of the agreements is helpful for future references. 
  • Subaio is one of the digital partners of the bank. It is accessible with Facebook Messenger that can be used to access transaction history and other account information.


  • All the services like searching records, printouts or photocopies or documents and statements are chargeable.
  • The bank does not offer a free credit card to its customers.
  • If you are not satisfied with any of the services provided by the bank, you need to complain about the specific branch that is in your area.


Looking for a bank for opening a payment account or for digital banking solutions or loans and credits, then Nykredit bank is an ideal choice for you.


  • You can get numerous payment solutions like MobilePay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and even contactless cards. Select the one that is beneficial for your everyday life.
  • Overview your finances quickly and easily with netbank.
  • MitNykredit mobile bank allows you to access your bank anytime, anywhere. You can transfer money to different accounts or your account. It also makes easy to pay bills, block cards, trade securities, etc.
  • You can also get mortgage-free loans here.


  • Some of the previous customers have complained about the delay in customer service.
  • As per the customers, the process of the bank is not streamlined. 

Danske Bank

If you are making Danish banks comparisons and looking for a bank to save small amounts, then Danske bank is the ideal option for you.


  • You can start using the account immediately after setting it.
  • After setting an account, you will be delivered the best customer service by the skillful and dedicated staff of the bank.
  • You can save money like regular transfers or when you feel the need to save money. 
  • The bank offers you a digital overview of all your finances.


  • You earn interest only for the months in which you do not make any withdrawal.
  • With an online saving count, you earn interest on deposits between DKK 40,000 to DKK 250,000.

Tips and tricks

For opening a standard account in one of the banks of Denmark, you would require the following documents:

  • Carry photo ID like your passport. Some of the banks can even ask the copy to be notarised.
  • Proof of your Denmark address that includes utility bill, rental contract, or health insurance card.
  • If you are working, then an employment contract is also required. But if you are a student, you should carry the proof of your being a student of Denmark university. 
  • All the residents of Denmark have a unique identity number of 10 digits called CPR number. The bank can also ask by this while you are opening the bank account.
  • Some banks also require a minimum deposit amount at the time of opening the account.

It will be beneficial if you approach the bank branch beforehand so that you have all the documents for opening your account in the particular bank.