A Guide on Home Loans in Sweden For Expats

Sweden is a great place to live, with its soothing climate that lets you enjoy both summer and winter. It is also a comfortable space to move for work reasons. So, if you are planning to shift or have shifted to Sweden for any reason, temporarily or permanently, it will be an amazing time. But if you want to buy a house or invest in a property, you might be flooded with several questions. The major wonder is whether you will be able to afford it. In which case, can expats access home loans? Do you meet the criteria? Fret not, we have got you the complete package to understand the home loan system in Sweden.

List of loan providers in Sweden

All these loans providers offer different rates and options for different prices. Comparing the specifications of each loan provider can be time-consuming. Are you wondering which provider offers the best deals or the best options? We have listed the most reliable loan companies below while using the following criteria:

Loans in sweden
      English speaking customer service
      Good payment rates
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Borrowing Range
      Fast delivery
      Payment Period

Loan Platform


Compricer logo

Compricer, a dynamic loan comparison platform, empowers borrowers with a unique set of features. With the ability to compare private loans and access up to SEK 600,000 at low interest rates, Compricer stands out as a valuable resource for borrowers seeking the best financial fit.

Distinguishing itself from traditional lenders like Santander and Bank Norwegian, Compricer compares offerings from up to 40 different lenders, streamlining the loan selection process. The platform prides itself on a single UC (credit check) for applicants, ensuring minimal impact on credit scores, and all services are provided free of charge, offering a cost-effective alternative for borrowers.


hypoteket logo

Hypoteket offers competitive rates and handles all negotiations with the current lender, making the switch hassle-free. Additionally, there are no extra fees for transferring a mortgage. The company’s high customer satisfaction ratings reflect its commitment to service. With a range of mortgage options available, expats can find a plan that fits their financial goals while settling in Sweden.


Bank norwegian logo

Bank Norwegian, a prominent player in Scandinavian banking, redefines the borrowing landscape with its unique offerings. With the ability to borrow up to significant amounts, Bank Norwegian positions itself as a dynamic financial partner. Unlike traditional lenders, the bank provides flexible solutions tailored to individual needs, emphasizing transparency and affordability.

Bank Norwegian’s quick application process sets it apart, enabling customers to apply for loans efficiently. The platform values the customer’s time, ensuring a swift and hassle-free experience in comparison to conventional lenders.

Compriser and HyPoteket

Here are two such house loan lender calculators which will help you to calculate and compare the ideal loan. HyPoteket.se offers mortgages for up to 75% of a home’s value. They are mortgage banks, which are similar to banks but instead of loans, they offer mortgages. They also have software to help you calculate your interest. So, this mortgage loan calculator helps you figure out the amount you will be able to get. You are expected to enter a few details like household income, price of the home, cash stake, etc. Post which, the software will let you know the mortgage possible and you can negotiate to get the best possible offer.

Another such application is Compricer.se, which helps you to calculate the home mortgage and find a good interest rate. You can calculate interest and the loan you might get using this platform which helps you to calculate in case of both new loans and extending mortgages. Similar to this is how the home loan calculator in Sweden or personal loan calculator works. There are many such platforms which help you calculate the loans, interest rates, affordability, etc without having to actually go through the whole process of applying for a mortgage or loan.

Home Loan Eligibility

The good news is that even if you are expats, you get to apply for home loans based on certain conditions. The major concern for any bank or private lender in offering loans of any kind, be it home, car or personal, is income and employment stability. Here are a few eligibility criteria you are expected to fulfill.

  • You must have a Swedish bank account
  • You must have your birth certificate as proof that you are more than 18 years old.
  • You must have proof of your income like salary slips, pay contracts, etc.
  • Your registration certificates and registration ID number.
  • You must have a proper credit score.

Rules for expats and foreigners in Sweden to get a loan

Sweden sees a lot of expats moving in every year and the number has been constantly on the rise. Therefore, their rules and regulations for expats to apply for loans are easier and can be obtained properly if you have certain documents.

To begin with, if you are someone who is from the European Union, you can easily get a loan even if you are not a registered resident of the country. For others, you need to register your name in Sweden to get a loan in the country. Once you have registered and got a register ID number, you can apply for not just home loans but any type of loan in Sweden.

Other options for financing a house in Sweden

There are a few ways you can fulfill your dream of buying a house in Sweden even if you do not have enough money to purchase a house upfront. There are many ways to get a home loan in Sweden sanctioned, yes, even if you are an expat.

Housing Mortgage Loans

One of the ways you obtain a loan is by putting up your house as a deposit. You can apply for a housing mortgage loan in Sweden. But beware, the rent might be low. In addition, if you want to take a loan that is more than 85% of your house value, you will not be able to get a housing mortgage loan in Sweden, as per the law.

Loans without security

You can also take loans without any security to finance your house in Sweden. It is known as blancolån, which is charged at an annual interest rate of roughly 7.5%. You can get a loan for about 600.000 kr.

Don’t opt for payday loans

You also have the option of payday loans which you can use to fund housing purposes. However, this is a definite no. Payday loans may solve the immediate financial issue but are charged at a very high interest.

Finding the right lender

There are many banks offering home loans. You can also find private lenders and others who offer home loans, and each of them may have a different way of working. Nevertheless, it is vital for you to find the right lender to be able to get a loan at a cheaper rate of interest. You must also be able to compare the different lenders to pick the right one.

Wrapping up

Even if you are an expat, not just in Sweden but in any country in the world, you can apply and get different kinds of loans. There are a few conditions applied and you might have to meet specific requirements, but the process for expats and foreigners to obtain loans is made simpler. So, even if it takes you some additional time to get the loans sorted, you need not worry about not being able to get a loan in a foreign place. All said and done, it is important that you compare the loan offers across lenders and also check for hidden fees and additional interest rates which means you may end up paying more than actually needed.