How to get a car loan in the Netherlands

Financing a car helps you purchase one immediately, easing your daily commute. It is a big deal as you don’t have to pay it upfront. But what if you are new to the Netherlands? As an expat, is it possible to get a car loan? Even otherwise, what are the documents you need? Here are answers to every question that’s bothering you about car loans in the Netherlands, or go directly to the car loan calculator.

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Santander in the Netherlands stands out as an good loan provider for expats. With the assurance of receiving the necessary funds upfront and clear, predictable monthly payments, expats can budget with confidence. The fixed interest rate, immune to market fluctuations, and the potential tax deductions for home renovations make Santander a reliable and advantageous choice for expats seeking financial stability and flexibility. What makes Santander stands out is their easy application process.

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For expats in the Netherlands, ING offers a versatile loan solution with the advantage of an English website. You can access the desired amount in one lump sum and have the flexibility to choose between €2,500 and €75,000. Tailor your loan duration from 6 to 120 months, with shorter terms resulting in lower overall costs. ING offers a variable rate based on factors like your borrowing purpose, amount, home ownership, and risk profile. For specific purposes such as car purchases and renovations, a lower interest rate applies.

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Saldodipje, a distinctive loan provider, eliminates the hassle of complex contracts and intricate procedures. With a history of serving over 2 million satisfied customers worldwide, Saldodipje’s proven track record and global reach offer expats a sense of trust and reliability. Expat borrowers appreciate the simplicity and efficiency in acquiring a loan. One key differentiator is the rapid funding process, with approved loans typically disbursed within 24 hours.


Can I get a car loan as an expat?

There are several thousands of expats in the Netherlands currently, and the increase in the number of expats working here has been constantly on the rise. This has also helped in creating plans that cater to their specific needs. The basic issue when an expat is applying for a loan is that they don’t have a financial history in the Netherlands. It becomes a greater disadvantage as most banks require some form of guarantee. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t apply for a loan.

It is just that the process might be quite complicated. In a few exceptional cases, the lender may expect you to have at least 3-years of employment history in the Netherlands. But in several other cases, if you have the car registered in your name and have salary proof that backs your financial status to afford the installments, you are more than good to go. You can also apply for car loans from private lenders apart from the banks.

Documents needed for car loan application

To get car finance in the Netherlands, you will need a few mandatory documents. A lot of these documents may vary from each lender. Some of the main documents include:

  • Address proof
  • Driving license scan
  • Bank statement/salary payslips

As for the details concerned, you can provide the contact details and information about the car you want to buy.

Pros of car loans

  • You don’t have to wait to take your car. Once you purchase, it is yours immediately.
  • The interest you pay every month is fixed.
  • If you have some savings, you can make a partial purchase with it and the rest can be taken as a loan.

Cons of car loans

  • Unlike paying it upfront, you will have interest with the monthly installments.
  • If your Cibil score is low, you can’t get a loan.
  • Even if you sell the car before the loan period ends, you must repay the loan.

Is a car lease better than a car purchase with a loan?

Both car lease and loan have a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The better option largely depends on your requirements. Suppose you are a foreigner visiting the Netherlands but need to leave after a temporary period. It is a better choice to take your car on lease. In case you purchase a car, you may have to re-sell it and the procedures might be hard to follow. But if you are there for a longer period, leasing a car may not be the most beneficial one, although it still helps you while you leave the place.

What factors affect the finance cost?

There aren’t a lot of unique factors that may alter the car finance cost. Here are a few aspects that you may have to consider if you are trying to figure out the cheapest car loan option available.

  • Amount – The car you are willing to purchase and the resultant amount you might need as a loan directly influence the amount you have to repay as monthly installments. The more you borrow, the more you will pay later.
  • Term – After the amount, the major influence is the term. The longer the term, the more interest you will pay. That said, when you have it for a longer period, the amount you pay out of your pockets each month may look smaller. So, if you can’t afford to pay a certain month out of your budget/salary, you can settle for a longer period. But keep in mind that you are indirectly paying more interest in the long run.
  • Credit score – Your credit history and score are crucial in determining whether or not you will be able to obtain a loan.
  • Loan fee – Besides the loan amount and interest, you may have to pay a certain amount as admin fees or some other loan fee.
  • APR – A lot of factors influence the Annual Percentage Rate and car loan interest rates Netherlands. Based on your credit score, the lender and other individual reasons, the APR may vary. So, it is advisable to check the APR before applying. The higher the APR, the more you will have to pay in terms of interest.

What is a car loan calculator?

The new calculator in the market helps you identify your loan eligibility. Was it not possible before? Of course, you can find out if you are eligible or not by applying for a loan. If your loan is accepted, it means you are eligible. But if it is rejected, you may not be able to apply for a loan. This may seem like a simple process. But there is a trick. When you check it this way, your credit file will get affected, and this may even lower your credit score and affect future credit. This is why it is easier and safer to use a loan eligibility calculator. Also known as soft search, it helps you find approximate chances of your loan getting accepted and you can plan on applying accordingly. There is also a car finance calculator which helps you to determine the monthly payments you have to make if you buy a car of a certain amount on a specific interest.

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Wrapping Up

Getting a car loan isn’t a complicated process, but you may have to compare several factors and choose between getting a car loan or a lease. After which you will have to check the different loan options available and filter the suitable and cheapest ones among those. It might be a lengthy process but will help you save a lot.